Getting Started and/or Learning to Fly 


Student pilots can take our approved Wings program which can teach you to fly!  We have qualified instructors that will take you step by step through the Wings Program. 

Wings Program



  1. To provide an interesting and challenging flying achievement program that will encourage individual club members to improve their overall flying ability.

  2. To develop a membership of competent flyers to assist new club members regarding all aspects of the sport that pertain to powered flight.

  3. To minimize safety hazards and accidents by encouraging all club members to develop better and more proficient flying habits.

  4. To make radio control flying a more meaningful and satisfying experience for all club members.

Please contact one of our instructors to schedule lessons on how to fly.  Instructors are  volunteers who enjoy the process of teaching others how to fly RC aircraft.  As with any training, you need to crawl before you run - so please contact us before you go out and buy that beautiful warbird or 3D model with all the bells and whistles. 


We will help get you started with a trainer-type aircraft to get your journey started to avoid costly mistakes of poor airplane choices.  Sometimes a computer simulator can help as well.  This can get you flying on your own much faster by reducing instructor time.




Some Trainer Planes:


Flight Simulators (computer software programs):



If you already have your wings or have flown at other clubs, please contact a club member for a short field orientation.  We do have some flight restrictions and safety items we require you to be knowledgeable about before you fly. 


RULES are posted at the Field - Please Read Them!

To be used Pilots – and also by a Contest Director or Flight Safety Officer

  Field GPS Coordinates:    
      N52 °   12’ 6”, W113°  42’ 18”
(N52°  12.106’, W113 °  42.304’)


  Field Address:    
26534 TWP Road 374, Red Deer, AB


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