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Request for Flight Training 

CARFF provides flight training for new to R/C flight training, flight skills improvement training, advanced flight training, requalification, Instructor Helper training, and Instructor training. We can also provide guidance for acquiring training and licensing for UAV's.


There is a National minimum competency requirements and process to comply with the requirements of Transport Canada Exemption NCR011-2019.


This process applies to a new, or past member returning after a full year absence who want to operate an RPAS. These pilots, must satisfactorily demonstrate knowledge and competence to a delegated, MAAC / Club Examiner, in order to be deemed a MAAC “Qualified Pilot”. This process shall also be utilized with temporary foreign members (out-of-towners).

New Pilots (Student Pilots)

CARFF welcomes new members interested in our hobby.  In order to maximize field safety, CARFF offers prospective new pilots the “Wings Training Program”. See Getting Started

To get started with this program a few items need to be addressed prior to your training. You will need to ensure that you:

In order to maximize field safety CARFF requires the following:

  • A current copy of your MAAC membership card to be on your possession.

  • Membership in CARFF.   (CARFF requires membership for all days beyond the second day of flying unless authorized by an Executive Member).

Download Written Membership Application Form Here

By Submitting this application you acknowledge that you accept and will abide by CARFF and MAAC's Safety Guidelines and Rules as they apply.  See Here

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