CARFF Wings Recipients- Gallery

This is a gallery of CARFF Members who have gone through the formal Pilot Testing, have Earned their Wings,  and can now fly safely, and confidently, on their own!  If you have your wings - Get them posted here!


Model Aeronautics Association of Canada

Wings Training Seminar

Wings Training Participants

Randolph Janssen

Randolph Janssen - "A" Wings 2017-07-15

David Proulx

David Proulx "A" Wings

Dave Russel

Dave Russel "A" Wings

Bob Sharpe

Bob Sharpe "A" Wings

Brian Davies

Brian Davies "A" Wings

Gillian Hurst

Gillian Hurst "A" Wings

Graham St.Thomas

Graham St.Thomas "A" Wings

Paul Rimmer

Paul Rimmer "A" Wings

Kim Ditmer

Kim Ditmer "A" Wings

Robin Lundie

Robin Lundie "A" Wings

Rob Steenwyck

Rob Steenwyck "A" Wings

Andy Metzger

Andy Metzger "A" Wings

Steve Nichols

Steve Nichols "A" Wings

Darcy Schellenberg

Darcy Schellenberg "A" Wings