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Welcome and thank you for stopping by to our Web site with a built in Smartphone and Mobile Web Apps.  We are the Central Alberta Radio Fun FlyersCARFF - Red Deer Alberta's Radio Control Aeromodeling club. Here, you can learn to participate and Fly Radio Control models safely - within the Sport of "Model Aviation".  Come visit us, or attend one of our Monthly meetings to learn more.


Aeromodeling has been around since man's early attempts at flight. In the past sixty years aeromodeling has become more of a Sport of Model Aviation, as opposed to just a Hobby. Today you can build miniature airplanes of incredible realism and fly them as expertly as a pilot sitting at the controls. You can fly just for the fun, or fly in competitions such as Pylon Racing or Precision Aerobatics.


So, turn off your TV, grab a friend, or the whole family, and come experience the wild blue world of Aeromodeling. It's a wonderful form of self-expression. And, as you will see, it has something for everyone.

NOTAM from President:

It was announced that as of Monday January 18, 2021 that outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people are once again allowed. This means that we can safely reopen the field effective Monday 2020-01-18.  Just keep in mind that only 10 people can be at the field together.


Thank you everyone for your patience.


Ron Hall

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The Antenna January 2021 Articles  - "Dual Rates or not? Or maybe “Flying condi8ons”? What’s that? by - Will gross

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Red Deer Advocate News: Plane Truth: Flying Models is Fun

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  Field GPS Coordinates:    
      N52 °   12’ 6”, W113°  42’ 18”
(N52°  12.106’, W113 °  42.304’)


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26534 TWP Road 374, Red Deer, AB


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