The "Antenna" - CARFF Newsletters

Articles  - "Bruce’s Return to Aeromodelling" by Bruce Schollie 

Articles  - "CANADIAN F3A 2020 Nationals and FAI Team Trials" by Will  Gross, "DOGFIGHT OVER BENALTO" by John Ferguson. Flying a J3 Cub Across the Prairies" by Ron Hall

Articles  - "SCALE MODELLING - What is it"? by John Ferguson

Articles  - "Scratch Building (Super Strikemaster) Part 3 " by John Ferguson, "Monokote Removal" by Tim Hergert, Mike Trevors’ "Edge 540", "Care of LiPo Batteries" by Eraldo Pomare

Articles -  "Scratch Building (Super Strikemaster) Part two " by John Ferguson

Articles   "Isolation = Time -Time = Scratch Building" by John Ferguson & "Control Systems Installation, Part 3" by Vince Mulhall


Articles  "PART 2 – Hinging, Hinge Lines, and Hinge Gaps" by Vince Mulhall


Articles on "T-Can" by Will Gross and "Pushrods & Connectors" by Vince Mulhall


Article on "Southern California Jet Jam" by Wayne Hop


Article on "FAA Remote ID Proposal" by Eraldo Pomare

Article on "EDITOR’S SOAPBOX" Artic Fly by Eraldo Pomare

Articles on "Wing Repair after Run-in with Fence" - by Dean Foster

Articles on "Mila Petrik’s Projects" - Messerschmitt 109-E 1/6th scale

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(N52°  12.106’, W113 °  42.304’)


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26534 TWP Road 374, Red Deer, AB


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