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CARFF Meetings with SKYPE

Video Conferencing Etiquette

There are a few basic  rules of etiquette when using any Video Conferencing software.

  • When first connecting PLEASE MUTE YOUR MICROPHONE.  There is always background noise no matter how quiet you are, and if several people are not muted, there can be so much noise generated that the meeting may not be able to continue.  So MUTE your Mic unless you are asking a question or asked to speak, but when you are done speaking, MUTE Again!

  • There is a CHAT window available that opens to the right of the VC. Type your questions into there, and the moderator will ask you to speak when able.

  • View your own Video if you wish to.  However, if your Audio is broken or choppy, your own connection may be slow, so you may wish to hide your video in that circumstance in order for your audio to become more clear.  But Remember - Everyone can see you, so proper dress, and be mindful of your personal movements (like removing that booger from your nose...) Perhaps sometimes just hide your video for a moment if needed... :-) 

Video Conferencing Connection

To connect to a Club Meeting Click Here 


You can run the Skype session from your browser, or you may wish to download the App and create an account.  This is your choice.  If you already have a Skype application and account you may be prompted to login .  You can run all of this from your Computer, Smart Mobile Phone, Device, Tablet, or iPad.

We may have to continue to run the meetings like this for a while until COVID issues are resolved.  Good luck and stay safe.

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